​Quality Cremation Services are here to provide a professional, caring and an affordable funeral service. We  strive to help families in their time of need and​ provide individualised services by giving you all​ the options.​ We are honoured to serve the Rockhampton Region. Whether the family request a no service cremation or cremation service in Rockhampton, be assured that the the staff of Quality Cremation Services will be here to help. Here are some of the options that are available to families when choosing for a cremation in Rockhampton:

Unattended Cremation

This option is available to families who wish to have a no service cremation. Some families consider this option to be more private and aren't concerned about having a service prior to the cremation taking place. The unattended cremation would involve a transfer from where the person has passed away. Followed by necessary arrangements for the death registration, obtaining the medical cause of death certificate and the appropriate paperwork for the cremation to proceed. Once the mortuary care has been completed and your loved one has been encoffined, we will then proceed to take care of the cremation process. After the cremation process has been completed, we will process the ashes according to the family's request and return the ashes to the family in either the standard receptacle or the Memorial Urn of the family's choice. 


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