Cremations in Rockhampton

Since 2009, Quality Cremation Services have provided cremations in Rockhampton. Since then, we have expanded to all areas of Queensland focusing on the central east and west regions of Queensland. We provide a professional and affordable cremation in Rockhampton. These are just some of the options available for a funeral in Rockhampton:


Unattended Cremation / No Service Cremation:

This option is a private cremation with no service or attendance. Once the cremation process and preparation of ashes are complete. The ashes are returned to family in a sealed receptacle. A commonly asked question is "How long until the ashes are ready?".  At Quality Cremation Services we strive to have the ashes returned to the family as soon as possible. Usually within a 24 hour period from the date of the cremation providing that the family a local. 



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